Programme of the IV JJIF Graduate Conference – Rome, Italy – 1-2-3/02/2011

\"\" The IV James Joyce Conference in Rome, endorsed by The James Joyce Italian Foundation, will be hosted by the Department of Comparative Literatures at the Università di Roma Tre, on the occasion of Joyce’s 129th birthday, February 1-2-3, 2011.

“Why Read Joyce in the 21st Century” is an international conference organized by The James Joyce Italian Foundation on the 129th anniversary of James Joyce’s birth. It will be the occasion for debating the reception of James Joyce’s works in the new millennium, both in relation to the critical output of the academic community and to the more general response of the common reader. The conference will host speakers from 26 universities and 13 counties across the world (Italy, Ireland, USA, UK, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Canada, France).

James Joyce Birthday Conference will be open on February 1st, with the presentation of CRISIS, Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale per gli Studi Irlandesi e Scozzesi and of Fondo Giorgio Melchiori. Then, Orlando Mezzabotta will introduce the video of Pankquean, Francesco Paradiso will talk about James Joyce and theatre introducing his work Come suona la torza rima, Massimo Bacigalupo will talk about Bloomsday in Genoa.

A roundtable with the title L’Italia senza Joyce? will involve Rosa Maria Bosinelli, Gabriele Frasca, Tommaso Ottonieri, Jacqueline Risset, Enrico Terrinoni.

In the evening, the presentation of Birthday Jollyfications by Liam Healy, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Clermont-Ferrand at Fiddler’s Elbow, via dell’Olmata (below the full programme of the day).

On February 2nd the Embassy of Ireland will host a reception to honour Joyce’s birthday, thanks to His Excellency Patrick Hennessy, Irish Ambassador to Italy, followed by the book review of Ulysses, Opera, the Greeks by Tim Martin (PBJ, Bulzoni 2010); Roll Away the Real World. James Joyce and Cinema, edited by John McCourt (Cork UP 2010).

The Annual General Meeting of The James Joyce Italian Foundation will be in the afternoon of Thursday, February 3rd.

Membership can be renewed for 2011 sending the new membership form at the email address of the Foundation. More details in the sections Subscription and Iscrizione.

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