Giorgio Melchiori Grant – 2010

The James Joyce Italian Foundation is offering JJIF graduate students a grant in memory of Giorgio Melchiori, in order to facilitate young scholars\’ participation in Joyce conferences and events, and/or support study visits to Joyce research centers. The grant amount will be communicated every year, depending on the JJIF yearly budget.
The 2010 grant amounts to €600 (six-hundred Euros).
Applicants should send their application letter specifying the reason why the grant is asked for and the time of the grant fruition by 1 May to along with the following documents:

  1. 2010 JJIF Registration form
  2. Curriculum vitae et studiorum
  3. Research project
  4. Registration, paper title and abstract (if the application concerns participation in a conference) or Duly documented acceptance of the Institution and possibly tutor\’s name (if the application concerns a visit to a research center).

For further information please contact the Foundation at

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