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Executive Committee

Enrico Terrinoni​
Serenella Zanotti
Honorary President​
Franca Ruggieri
Fabio Luppi
Board Member
Roberto Baronti Marchiò
Board Member
Sonia Buttinelli
Board Member
Carla Marengo Vaglio
Board Member
Ilaria Natali
Board Member
Jolanta Wawrzycka

Honorary Members

Honorary Member
Umberto Eco

Visiting Professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Indian University, Ohio State University, University of Hawaii, University of Delaware. Connections with Zürich University (“Lehrbeauftragter”) with regular introductory courses into Ulysses.
Honorary Trustee of the International James Joyce Foundation (President 1977-82)


Honorary Member
Fritz Senn

Born in Basel 1928, grew up in Zürich since 1933. Aborted studies at Zürich University.
Worked as a proofreader and then copyeditor. Since 1985 in charge of the Zürich James Joyce Foundation with its researches, reading groups, workshops and various activities.

Participation in Joyce conferences, including all the Symposia since their inception 1967.

Honorary Member
Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli
Honorary Member
Giorgio Melchiori
Honorary Member
Jacqueline Risset
Honorary Member
Paola Pugliatti