II James Joyce Research Colloquium – Dublin, Ireland 2009

From 16 to 18 April 2009 the Joyce Research Colloquium will be held in Dublin at Trinity College and UCD.

This international colloquium aims to provide a forum for the discussion of current and future developments in James Joyce Studies by leading Joyce scholars. It also sets out to facilitate active exchange between graduate students and practitioners in the field of Joyce Studies on the challenges and problems of undertaking research on Joyce.
Speakers will analyse and debate the usefulness of particular methodologies and theoretical positions for aspects of research projects that they have concluded or their applicability for works in progress. The utility of historicist, material and textual approaches to Joyce will particularly be addressed.

Formal presentations of about 50 minutes by the eleven speakers will be followed by 30 minutes of discussion with the audience. The delegates at the colloquium will include doctoral and post-doctoral students currently engaged in research on Joyce at universities in Europe, the US, and elsewhere. MA students, Joyce scholars, and those with an active interest in Joyce are also welcome to attend.
The fee for the colloquium is €50.00.
Close dialogue will be encouraged between all the participants to enable open and expansive discussion about the present state of Joyce Studies and the possible trajectories that it should follow.
The initial lecture on Thursday 16 April 2009 will be given by Dr Dirk van Hulle on Joyce and Beckett. It will be open to colleagues across the university, the general public, and to Dublin Joyceans and Irish Studies specialists. Proceedings on Friday 17 April will take place in the National Library of Ireland. The toone day of the proceedings will be devoted to analysis to aspects of the “Proteus”.

The speakers at the 2009 colloquium include: Dr Luca Crispi (University College Dublin), Professor Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin), Professor Luke Gibbons (Notre Dame University), Professor Andrew Gibson (Royal Holloway University), Professor Declan Kiberd (University College Dublin), Dr Emer Nolan (National University of Ireland, Maynooth), Dr Sam Slote (Trinity College Dublin), and Professor Dirk van Hulle (University of Antwerp).

Scholarship funding is available for doctoral and post-doctoral students and will cover accommodation, travel, and tuition fees. Applicants should forward by email a curriculum vitae, a letter of introduction (outlining your interests in Joyce and why the colloquium might be of benefit to you), an academic reference (which can be sent as an attachment), and any other relevant documentation.
The deadline is 6 February 2009. Late applications may be considered; preference will be given to first-time applicants.
For further details and initial inquiries contact:

Professor Anne Fogarty
UCD James Joyce Research Centre
School of English, Drama and Film,
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4
Telephone: +353-17168159
Email: joyceresearchcentre@ucd.ie

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