IX JJIF CONFERENCE IN ROME – 2-3 February 2016

The IX JJIF Conference will be held in Rome on 2-3 February 2016 at Università Roma Tre, via del Valco di S. Paolo 19 (metro stop Marconi). The event is open to all. Here is the final programme of the Conference.

Note that it is a requirement that all presenters at the Conference are paid-up members of The  James Joyce Italian Foundation. Download the 2016 Membership form.

The Ordinary General Meeting for members of The James Joyce Italian Foundation will be held at the Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture Straniere dell’Università Roma Tre, Sala “Ignazio Ambrogio”, 2nd floor, Via del Valco di San Paolo, 19, 00146 Roma, firstly on 2nd February 2016 at 7 a.m. The second convocation is at 5p.m. on 3rd February 2015.

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