Jacques Aubert


Jacques Aubert passed away at his home in Lyon on Saturday November 28th. This is a terrible loss, and not only for the Joycean community.

A bio from 2013 records that Jacques was Emeritus Professor of English and Modern Literature at Université Lyon 2, a member of the École de la Cause Freudienne and the University Scientific Council, and Director of the Centre d’Études et de Recherches Anglaises et Nord-Américaines. He was also General Editor of works dedicated to James Joyce and Virginia Woolf for Éditions Gallimard and for Bibliothéque de la Pléiade.  His Introduction a l’estétique de James Joyce, published in France in 1973 and translated into English in 1992 as The Aesthetics of James Joyce, was – and still is – considered a milestone and a classic in Joyce studies. With Maria Jolas he co-authored Joyce & Paris 1902…1920 – 1940…1975 in 1979, and James Joyce with Fritz Senn in 1986. In 2004 he coordinated Ulysse, a new collaborative French translation of the novel.  A fully revised edition was published in 2013. However, this short list of his academic achievements and the titles of his publications cannot do justice to such an utterly good man. His caring, understanding smile comes to mind whenever his name is mentioned.

What remains, apart from his writings and his teaching, is his thirst for intellectual pursuits,  that, as Pascal Bataillard says, can often be “a source of inspiration for a fuller life with others”.

Jacques was a great scholar, an intellectual through and through, and a man of great humanity. He never failed to give his prestigious support to our Joycean events here in Rome. I am still grateful to him for his presence and for his insightful articles, including the last essay, “Lacan and the Joyce-effect”, that he wrote for Joyce Studies in Italy, in 2013.

The James Joyce Italian Foundation

Franca Ruggieri

Honorary President

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