James Joyce in the Nineteenth Century – Durham, UK 2010

\"joyceDurham University is pleased to announce the international and interdisciplinary conference \”James Joyce in the Nineteenth Century\” to be held at St.Chad’s College, Durham University from 14th to 17 April 2010.

The conference is organized in association with the Leverhulme-funded project \”Consumer Culture, Advertising and Ireland, 1848-1921\” and it will focus on Joyce’s relationship with the nineteenth century, into which he was born and educated.
Keynote speakers include Anne Fogarty, Luke Gibbons, Andrew Gibson, Emer Nolan and Jennifer Wicke, and will result in a major new volume of essays.

Papers are invited on any aspect of Joyce’s relationship to the nineteenth century or on topics germane to the \”Consumer Culture, Advertising and Ireland, 1848-1921\” project. Issues may include:

• Joyce and 19th Century Ireland (its history, politics and literature)
• Joyce and Consumer Culture and/or Advertising
• Joyce and Liberalism
• Joyce and Marx
• Joyce and pertinent 19th Century European traditions
• Joyce and nationalism and/or imperialism
• Joyce and changing public spaces and/or the formation of privacy
• The social function of the novel
• Joyce and forms of realism or naturalism
• Joyce and 19th Century Ireland (its history, politics and literature)

One page abstract can be sent by email by 20 November, 2009 to to John Nash: john.nash@durham.ac.uk.

For details visit James Joyce in the Nineteenth Century.