Minutes Ordinary Meeting 2011

The meeting takes place in the Department of Comparative Literature, University of Rome 3, on February 3, at 5.30 pm, to discuss the following items on the agenda:

1. Communications
2. Approval of 2010 Budget
3. Planning of future activities
4. Regulations
5. Other

1. Opening remarks
The President, Franca Ruggieri, espressed satisfaction at how the past year has gone. Numerous young scholars, from Italy and abroad, applied for the Giorgio Melchiori Grant, which was established at the last general meeting as a means of promoting one of the JJIF’s aims – that is, to help your scholars take part in conferences and to publish their work. After examining the curricula of the applicants, two grants of Euro 400 were awarded to given to Federico Sabatini (Università di Torino) and to Jonathan McCreedy (Queen’s University Belfast). Both participated at the 22nd  International James Joyce Symposium, held in Prague  from 13 to 18 June 2010.

The event organised for this year, which concluded just before this meeting, Why read Joyce in 21st century?,  set out to promote an examination of Joyce’s works today and was open to scholars of all ages. The call for papers was published, as usual, on many sites and also, in the Times Literary Supplement, thanks to the President, who paid for this advertisement personally.

The Acts of the 2nd James Joyce Graduate Conference, James Joyce: Metamorphosis and Re-writing, are, after some delays in the peer-reviewing and subsequent revision processes now going to press and are about to be published by Bulzoni.

2. Approval of 2010 statement of accounts
The association’s final balance sheet (appended to these minutes) at the end of 2010 is € 843,16. This is what remains after the payment of the 2 Giorgio Melchiori grants and the fees of the accountant who does the books and takes care of all dealings with the Ufficio Entrate (tax office). Following a long discussion with regard to this item of expenditure, it was unanimously agreed to continue to use this accountant in order to guarantee that the affairs of the association are correctly managed.

The 2010 statement of accounts was unanimously approved.

In light of the financial situation in which the JJIF finds itself – being able to rely only on membership fees – the President asked the assembly for its opinion about raising fees. Several members spoke in favor of keeping membership fees at current rates and this was agreed by the assembly. The President expressed the hope that some members might decide to support the association with personal contributions.

3. Future plans
The President informed the meeting that a selection of papers from the  Third Graduate Conference, \”Joyce and Modernism\”  (UCD, 22-23 January 2010)  and the most recent IV James Joyce Birthday Conference, \”Why read Joyce in 21st century?\”  (Roma Tre 2-3 february 2011) would be published on-line in the coming year. She also announced the willingness of Prof. Brian Caraher to organize a Graduate Conference in February 2012 at Queen’s University Belfast. After a broad discussion the assembly agreed to accept this offer which bolsters the international dimension of The James Joyce Italian Foundation. At the same several members expressed the need to make sure that the JJIF was fairly represented on the organising committee and that the association and its young members were given sufficient visibility during the event.

The President expressed the hope, which was shared by the meeting, that the Association would be able to fund several Giorgio Melchiori grants in the coming year.

Given that the annual conference will be held in Belfast it was decided to organize a one-day event in Rome to coincide with the AGM of the JJIF. The theme of conference/seminar will centre around the situation with regard to Joyce copyright 70 years after the author’s death and will also focus on new translations that will appear around this date.

John McCourt told the assembly that the recently established Irish Studies Centre at  the University of Vienna has expressed its willingness to host a “James Joyce birthday graduate conference” in 2014. For the moment no decision was taken in this regard.

4. Statute of regulations
The President called for the drawing up of a statute of regulations and for the formation of a work group to carry this out. Interested members were asked to put their names forward.

5. Any other business
There was no further business.

The meeting closed at 6,45 p.m.

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