Pierced butnot Punctured – Zurich, Switzerland – 31/07 – 06/08/2011

The topic of this workshop is punctuation in Joyce, from the tiret and the semicolon to the exclamation mark and the period (or lack thereof). These “paper wounds” (FW 124.03) can inspire a diverse range of critical discussions and participants are invited to bring to bear on Joyce’s semicolons and apostrophes a number of approaches, questions, and interests, including but not limited to

  • visuality: the page as “Ispace”
  • orality and voice
  • music: the scored page
  • intertextuality and quotation
  • logic and rhetoric
  • time and the reader
  • error and gaps in the text
  • genetic criticism and compositional

For further information visit the website of the James Joyce Zurich Foundation.

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