12. Polymorphic Joyce

Edited by Franca Ruggieri and Anne Fogarty – Edizioni Q, Roma 2012






p. 7 – Contributors

p. 9 – Science, Etymology and Poetry in the “Proteus” episode of “Ulysses” – Sylvain Belluc

p. 25 – “I’ve got the Stephen Dedalus Blues”: Joycean allusions, quotes  and characters in Don DeLillo’s “Americana” – Andrea Ciribuco

p. 39 – Stephen’s Ovidian Echoes in “Ulysses”Stephen\’s Nietzschean Ethics – Ann Fallon

p. 51 – Hark the Written Words – The Gramophone Motif in “Proteus” – Chih-hsien Hsieh

p. 63 – Ecocriticism and “Finnegans Wake” – Alison Lacivita

p. 71 – “Bloom of Flowerville”: An Agri-national Consumer – Yi-peng Lai

p. 83 – Women and Race in the Last Two Chapters of “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” – Fabio Luppi

p. 97 – After Ellmann: the current state of Joyce biography – John McCourt

p. 111 – An Argument for Characterology in the “Wake’s Old I.2”: HCE’s ‘Centrality’ and the “Everyman” Archetype – Jonathan McCreedy

p. 123 – Lean Unlovely English Turned Backward: Reading “Scylla & Charybdis” Hermetically – Niko Pomakis

p. 137 – James Joyce: Tradition, and Individual Talent – Franca Ruggieri

p. 151 – Joyce, Berlitz, and the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language – Elizabeth Switaj

p. 165 – Reading Flotsam and Jetsam: The Significance of Waste in ‘Proteus’ – William Viney