6. Classic Joyce (1999)

Edited by Franca Ruggieri – Bulzoni, Roma 1999


1. From the plenary sessions

Agostino LombardoJoyce’s Lesson

Hugh KennerMutations of Homer

Piero BoitaniUlysses in Another World 

Declan Kiberd Joyce’s Ellmann, Ellmann’s Joyce

Fritz Senn Symphoric Joyce

Luciano Berio A Tribute to Joyce


2. Classic Joyce in Rome and Italy

Carlo Bigazzi La Roma di Joyce: il signor Giuseppe Pace

William HutchinsJoyce’s Mythos of Mithras: the “other” Ancient Roman Religion in “Telemachus”

Matthew R. Kratter Romulus and Remus on the Strand

Carla Marengo Vaglio Joyce: the Liberator

Giorgio MelchioriClassic Joyce in Via di Monte Brianzo

Caterina Ricciardi “La sforza di Dio”: Luperca and the Lupercalia in Finnegans Wake

Franca Ruggieri Classic Metamorphoses and Modern Changes: Actaeon and the Artist

Robert J. Schork Pope Peter in Rome

Laura Visconti Revisiting Classics of Joyceans Criticism: E. Montale

3. Classic Joyce: Homer to Dante

Ann Banfield Dante…Beckett…Joyce: the Irish Vanguard against the Imperialism of English

Lillian Eileen Doherty -Contemporary Feminist Readings of Homer’s Penelope

John Harty III – Ulysses: Homer to Aristotle

Gregory Downing Joyce’s Use of Latin at the Outset of “Oxen”

Bettina KleinTraces of Homer: between Sources and Models in Joyce’s “Aeolus” and “Sirens”

Bjorn Tysdahl –  On first looking into Homer: Lamb’s Ulysses and Joyce’s

4. The Jamesy Session: Giacomo Joyce

Paola Pugliatti “Nookshotten”: the Text known as Giacomo Joyce

Enrico Frattaroli“The proteiform graph itself is a polyhedron of scripture”

Giuseppe MartellaGiacomo Joyce: Hypertext and Wisdom Literature

Donatella Pallotti“everintermutuomergent”: the “cobweb” (handwriting) of Giacomo Joyce

5. Loci Memoriae

Daniel Ferrer Loci Memoriae: Joyce and the Art of Memory

Carle Bonafous-Murat Disposition and Pre-disposition: the Art of Involuntary Memory in Dubliners

Benoit TadiéMemory and the Narrative Deadlock in Dubliners

Francois LaroqueHamlet, a locus memoriae for Stephen in Ulysses?

André TopiaCompartments and Series: the space of memory in “Evelyn” and “Ithaca”

6. Memories and Translations

Cristiana Giorcelli Joyce and Harte: their Gabriel Conroys

Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli Joyce on the Turrace of Babbel