24. One, No one and One Hundred Thousand Ulysses

Edited by Serenella Zanotti – Edizioni Anicia 2022


Serenella ZanottiOne, No One, and One Hundred Thousand Ulysses: An Introduction

Ilaria Natali The Living Organism of Ulysses and Its Development

Erika Mihálycsa and Armağan EkiciTranslation, Rewriting, the Afterlife of Ulysses, and In-between Time

Flavie ÉpiéKaleidoscopic Ulysse(s): Aspects of Multiplicity in Translation

Annalisa Federici“Joyce, qui est aussi célèbre en France qu’en Angleterre – sinon d’avantage”: Critical Responses to Ulysses in French Literary Reviews of the 1920s and 1930s

Annalisa MastronardiThe Modernist Lesson: Experimentalism in James Joyce and June Caldwell’s Fiction

Armağan Ekici“I am here my dear reader, I wonder where you are”: The Influence of Joyce on Turkish Modernism in the Works of Tanpınar and Atay

Jinan AshrafGendered Authorities: James Joyce and the Indian Avant-Garde

Jonathan McCreedyA Musiquely Concrète Analysis of “Sirens”: Joyce’s Use of the Harmonic Series and His Anticipation of Serialism

Chiara ValcelliInfluences of Dante’s Purgatorio in Joyce’s Ulysses: Leopold Bloom’s Pilgrimage of Redemption

Ennio Ravasio The Egyptian Joyce’s Ulysses

Kiril Hadzhikosev Spaces of Terror, Times of Desire – Joyce’s Postcolonial Project in the “Circe” Episode of Ulysses

Joshua ElwerBecoming Borderless: Ulysses and the Migration of Voices


Christine O’Neill Urgent Global Concerns and Medieval Concepts: The Visionary Creations of Joyce and Bosch as Inspirations for the Posthumanities


Vincent J. ChengAmnesia and the Nation, History, Forgetting, and James Joyce (Davide Crosara)

Enrico TerrinoniSu tutti i vivi e i morti. Joyce a Roma (Fabio Luppi)