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Jacques Aubert

Jacques Aubert passed away at his home in Lyon on Saturday November 28th. This is a terrible loss, and not only for the Joycean community. A bio from 2013 records that Jacques was Emeritus Professor of English and Modern Literature at Université Lyon 2, a member of the École de la Cause Freudienne and the …

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Remembering Rosa Maria Bosinelli

Franca Ruggieri, Remembering Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli Five months have passed since those January days when Rosa Maria, Cicci  for all of us, who had planned to come to Rome for a conference on the Easter Rising organized by John McCourt, became aware of the first symptoms of that illness that within two weeks was …

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For Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli

\”Sliding – space – ages – foliage of stars – and waning heaven – stillness – and stillness deeper – stillness of annihilation – and her voice.\” James Joyce, Giacomo Joyce. For Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, who died on 20th March 2016, leaving us all the poorer. External links The news on UniboMagazine 4live.it

Farewell to Mariangela Tempera

Mariangela Tempera, who sadly passed away on December 31, 2015, has been a member of The James Joyce Italian Foundation since its establishment. As a Shakespeare scholar, she was internationally known for her study of Shakespeare and the popular media, a field in which she conducted pioneering work, both in her writings and papers read …

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\”Memorial I would have\” – Per Giorgio Melchiori, un anno dopo

“Memorial I would have” – Per Giorgio Melchiori, un anno dopo (Edizioni Q, 2010) is a tribute to Giorgio Melchiori, the scholar who made such an indelible mark on the history of English studies. Published with the financial support of IASEMS, the Italian Association of Shakespearean and Early Modern Studies, the volume collects the contributions …

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Giorgio Melchiori – In Memoriam

The James Joyce Italian Foundation, with its President Franca Ruggieri and the members of the executive committee, Rosa Maria Bosinelli, Carla Marengo, John McCourt, Paola Pugliatti, Romana Zacchi, and its honorary trustee Umberto Eco, wishes to announce the death of its honorary trustee, Professor Giorgio Melchiori, father of Joyce Studies in Italy and renowned member, …

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