Ulysses and its translations in the Italian newspapers

\"\"On 10th December 2011 the Italian newspaper Avvenire published a wide article on Ulysses and its translations, followed by an interview to Enrico Terrinoni on his forthcoming Italian translation of the book.

Dario Fertilio – Corriere della Sera – in \”Il vero Joyce, popolare e sboccato\” draws the attention on the restoration of the original Irish language of Ulysses.
Corriere also dedicates a note to two international conferences dedicated to James Joyce:  \”Parallaxes. Virginia Woolf meets James Joyce\” (Milan, 13-14 December 2011) and the forthcoming \”Joyce and/in Italy\”, which will be held in Rome on 16-17 February 2012 .

Elisabetta D\’Erme – Il piccolo, 3rd January 2012 – in \”Ulisse l\’illeggibile adesso diventa un libro per tutti\” focuses on the diffusion of Joyce\’s Ulysses in Italy.

Enrico Terrinoni – Il Messaggero, 5th January 2012 – in \”Joyce, l\’idea di Ulisse nacque a Roma\” remembers how Joyce\’s idea of Ulysses originated in Rome.

Masolino D\’Amico – La Stampa, 14th January 2012 – in \”E così l\’estroso Ulisse ritorna divertente\” points out that Enrico Terrinoni\’s translation restores Joyce\’s comic dimension of Ulysses.

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