Joyce, Yeats, and the Irish Revival. JJIF conference 2-3 February 2015 at Università ROMA TRE

Celebra\"Y\"ting the year of Yeats ( on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth, this year’s annual James Joyce Italian Foundation conference in Rome on 2-3 February is entitled “Joyce, Yeats, and the Revival”. The conference explore the complex connections between these two great figures of Irish and of World literature within the context of the Irish Literary Revival going well beyond the well-known anecdote involving the two writers which recounts that Yeats was already a well-established literary figure when, in October 1902, he met Joyce for the first time at the National Library. When, at the end of their exchange Joyce asked Yeats how old he was, he replied that he was 38 (he was actually 39) only to have Joyce retort: “I thought as much. I have met you too late. You are too old.”

\"j\"Definitive program available here: JoyceRome15

Speakers from Italy, Ireland, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Georgia, the United States, Brazil will gather in Rome.

Among the plenary speakers are Professor Matthew Campbell (University of York) and associate director of the Annual Yeats Summer School; Fritz Senn, Director of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation; Carla Marengo Vaglio (Università di Torino), as well as Erik Bindervoet and Robbert-Jan Henkes, the translators of Finnegans Wake into Dutch.

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